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آیا شما در حال یادگیری زبان فارسی هستید؟  چه مدت از تمرین شما میگذرد؟ تا کنون چقدر یاد گرفته اید؟ آیا شما توانایی خواندن و نوشتن را دارید؟

In case you're new to Farsi, this means: "Are you learning Farsi? How long have you been practicing? How much have you learned so far? Are you able to read and write?"

If you've been studying Farsi for more than a week and can't yet have a simple conversation with a native speaker of that language or read the alphabet, you need to change the way you're practicing. What's the point of learning nouns, adjectives, and verb conjugation without learning how to use them to speak to your grandparents in their native language, take a taxi in Tehran, or order at a Persian restaurant in Los Angeles?

Literately from Tested Minds is a new way to learn Farsi by practicing the conversations that you want to have.

Any language learning method that relies upon translation is fundamentally flawed. Translating from one language to another simply takes too long, throwing off your listening and speaking timing. We believe that reliance upon translation is fundamentally to blame for language learning programs in secondary schools leaving students with the ability to pass written tests, but not have a conversation that a five-year old could manage. Eliminating translation from our methods also eliminates flash cards or bilingual dictionaries.

What does that leave us?

We think of learning a new language as a performance. When you're truly fluent in a language, you're capable of improvisational performance. In other words, you can have a conversation on demand with the vocabulary and skills you already have without rehearsing it. When you're just starting out with a language though, rehearsal and practice with feedback telling you where you need improvement are critical to your progression. When you're at the Persian restaurant or on the phone, you're on stage. Will your audience believe that you know Farsi?

Literately provides you with a way to rehearse

Practice your language performance starting with the simplest elements of a language: The sounds and characters of the alphabet. We then introduce phonics, the combinations of letters that form the foundation of all words. We then move to introducing words through short conversations. Literately uses the power of the web to give you a means to save your practice, share it with others, and get instant feedback. No handing in papers and waiting for a week to see where you made mistakes.

If you are OK with reading from a phrasebook or relying on others to translate for you, then Literately probably isn't for you. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a way to use language as as way to meet new people and immerse yourself in a new culture, then welcome! We've found that most students can master the material in about two weeks with an hour a day of rehearsal. Literately brings you the tools to build your own conversations by mastering the alphabet. This opens up a new world of immersion in dictionaries, books, street signs, newspapers, and websites.

Our goal with Literately is for you to overhear a conversation in Farsi and be able to write down what you heard, even if you don't know the meaning of all the words. By writing things down, you'll be able to look the meaning up or ask a native speaker. In short, you'll be ready to start building your vocabulary in Farsi.

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